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4398 Corporate Center drive Los Alamitos, CA 90720 | Tel:714-226-1400



At Our Core:

Alliance Spacesystems has a strong heritage of proven flight hardware and experience in the fabrication, assembly, and test of Satellite Structures. Alliance offers a full suite of composite manufacturing capabilities, from structural elements, optical benches, and solar array substrates to full scale complex payload assemblies with wire harness.


We seek to add value to our customers; we are committed to results, and we strive to meet expectations, with the belief that failure is not an option.


We deal with people honestly and fairly; we are true to our word, take responsibility rather than credit, and work for the common good.


We are stimulated by our job and career; we enjoy goals that stretch and demand innovation, and we desire to continuously learn and improve.

Fiscal Responsibility:

We seek cost effective solutions; we are prudent in the use of resources and we tie financial commitments to measurable milestones.

Quality Management System

Alliance Spacesystems LLC Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to AS9100 and ISO9001 for the following Scope of Registration: “The manufacture of structures and assemblies including composites used in the aerospace industry.” Alliance Spacesystems is committed to meeting or exceeding customer requirements through continual improvement and validation of our quality management system.

Alliance Spacesystems LLC quality system is registered by UL-DQS, Inc. for: